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General: ÜNowadays, grape seed extract is a very popular dietary supplement. The discovery of it is a very interesting history. It originated from French Paradax. It aroused the curiosity of scientists. After long time analysis and comparison, scientists found active antioxidant components in the red wine helping French keep health. Later, scientists found more abundant antioxidant components in grape seed. Experiments were done to verify if grape seed extract also has a very good performance in lowering cholesterol. The result is positive and optimistic. More and more researches are conducted.
Numerous experiments show grape seed extract is a powerful free radical scavenger better than vitamins C, E and beta - carotene. Grape seed extract can exert anti - inflammatory, anti - arthritic and anti - allergic activities, prevent skin aging and inhibit UV radiation - induced peroxidation activity. More important, grape seed extract can penetrate the blood - brain barrier to help protection of the brain and nerve tissue from oxidation.
The significant activity and wide uses of grape seed extract draw people attentions. There are a variety of grape seed products in the market. However, grape seed extract is a very complex product. It consists of literally lots of known, and perhaps more unknown, naturally occurring substances. There are two standards for grape seed extract product in the market. One is oligomeric proanthocyanidins ( OPC ) , the other is polyphenol ( pp ) . Most of manufactures choose OPC. They determine the concentration of product by the porter assay. The porter assay is a colorimetric test based on acid hydrolysis. Dimer and larger molecules are converted to anthocyanidins by acid hydrolysis. The other manufacturers believe that polyphenol ( pp ) is better. The concentration of total polyphenols is determined according to Folin - Ciocalteau assay. It is a colorimetric oxidation / reduction assay that measures all polyphenolic molecules with no differentiation between gallic acid, monomers, dimers and larger phenolic compounds. A gallic acid standard curve is used and results are typically expressed as gallic acid equivalents ( GAE ) .
The existence of two assays leads to difference in product specifications.
Appearance: Brown black powder.
Specification: Grape seed extract 20% PP, 25% PP, 30% PP.
Grape seed extract 95% OPC.
Functions: 1. Scavenges free radical; 2. Enhances capillary strength and vascular function; 3. Prevents cardiovascular disease; 4. Alleviates PMS problems, bruising, edema from injury or trauma, varicose veins, leg swelling and retinopathy; 5. enhances immune resistance; 6. Increases peripheral circulation, improving vision; 7. Reduces adverse allergic and inflammatory responses; 8. Reduces aging and loss of elasticity in skin.

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