Bulk Textile Ink for Epson Photo 1290

Art: Tinte auf Wasserbasis
Drucktyp: Digital Printing
Ink Drying: Eindringen Trocknung
Leistung: Flexion
Komponente: Füllstoff
Ink Type: Textile Ink

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Grundlegende Informationen.

Modell Nr.
Compatible for
Epson Printer
Packing Details
1kg/Bottle 12 Bottles/Carton
SGS Reach ISO9001-2000
DHL or FedEx
Country of Origin
Zhejiang of China
Production Period
5-7 Working Days
12 bottles/carton
3000 Tons Per Mounth


BCinks China will supply you quality textiel ink for Epson Photo 1290.

Color: C, M, Y, LC, LM, BK


1--Water-based pigment ink for direct-to-garment printing onto pure cotton T-shirts and fabrics.

2--It is convenient to use without pretreatment or after-treatment spray.

3-- Vivid color performance, Color fastness to crocking

4--Strong washing and wearing resistance

Dry-rubbing resistance/Wet-rubbing resistance.

5--Friendly to healthy and environment:

Bulk ink Package for you specify:

No. 1--- 1KG/Bottle, Package: Specification: 12 Bottles/Paper Carton

No. 2-- 500G/Bottle, Package: Specification: 20 Bottles/Paper Carton.

No. 3- 250G/Bottle, Package: Specification: 40 Bottles/Paper Carton

No. 4--100G/Bottle, Package: Specification: 140 Bottle/Paper Carton.

More information please contact our sales

Product Description
Printers Compatibility:

Epson 7600/9600/4000/4400/Epson 2100/2200
Epson 4450/7450/9450/7800/9800/7880/9880
Epson 7400/9400/4800/4880/R2400
Epson 1400/Epson 1390
Epson 4890/7890/9890
Epson 7700/9700/7900/9900/7910/9910
Epson 11880/Epson 11880C
Epson 3800/3880/3850
Epson GS6000
Epson SureColor SC-T3000/SC-T5000/SC-T7000
Epson SureColor SC-30600/SC-50600/SC-70600
Epson 10000/Epson 10600
Epson R800/R1800/R1900
Epson R210/R230/R270/R290
Epson C63/C65/C80/C67/C79/C88
Epson 3000/5000/7000/9000

Aliases: Epson Textile sublimation inks,EpsonTexitle Heat Transfer Inks,EpsonTextile Sublimation Dye Inks,Epson Textile Sublimation Dye Inks, Epson Textile Inks,Epson Direct-to-Fabric Sublimation Inks
Epson Direct-to-Fabric Textile Sublimation Inks,Epson Direct-to-Fabric Sublimation printng Inks
Epson Direct-to-Fabric Printing Ink,Direct Print Textile Sublimation Inks,Epson textile direct print inks.

Package: 1000ml/bottle & 5000ml/barrel

Brand Name: SuperImage

Origial of Certification: Made In China
Country of Origin Main Raw Materials: Japan & USA

Main Colors: Cyan, Magenta,Yellow, Black,Light Cyan, Light Magenta,Light Black,Light Light Black
Photo Black,Matte Black, Deep Black(Super Black)
Special Colors: Orange/Green/Blue/Red/Gray/Light Gray/Violet for option.

Applicable Print Media: BCInks Textile Sublimation Inks are mainly used for cotton, linen, rayon, wool fabric,natural fiber,fabricsviscose fiber,silk fabrics,hemp,modal,bamboo fiber, tencel,cashmere fiber fabric,etc digital printing.This reactive inks can be used for printing bolts of cloth, clothing, clothing pieces,etc textiles; high-end fashion,fabrics, scarves, ties, premium bedding, interior supplies fabric,etc.
This ink can be printed directly on cotton, linen, rayon, wool fabric,natural fiber,fabricsviscose fiber,etc textile fabric.

Certifications & Standards:

Top quality, Wide applicability, with ROHS standard & EN71 Safety Certification.
No odor, Really enironmental-friendly Textile Sublimation inks,ISO9001-9002 Standard

Main Points:

1). High sublimation conversion rate;
2). Excellent color saturation;
3). Precision filtration warrants clogging-free operation.
4). Several color matching sets producing accurate colors and wide gamut.
5). Faster drying giving improved productivity.
6). Safe dye materials and additives for a better environment.
7). More light smell, mostly no odor.
8). Main dye material brand: CIBA
9). High stability and No Color distortion.
10).Specially for Fabric/Textile, Direct-to-Fabric printing available.
11).Consistent quality & reputation.

Quality Warranty:
BCinks affords full quality warranty for our inks products.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior quality inks, SuperImage will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

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