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Rabies Virus Antigen Rapid Test Card

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Modell Nr.: BKU-20063


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: BKU-20063

1. Principle
Based on double antibody sandwich method, Rabies Virus Antigen Rapid Test Card can be utilized to detect rabies virus antigens simply and rapidly.

2. Contents
1 Rabies Virus Antigen Test Card 10 pcs
2 Dilution Buffer 10 bottles
3 Swab 10 pcs
4 Disposable gloves 4 pairs
5 Instruction 1 insert

3. Procedure
3.1 Sample requirement
1) The test needs Cats' & Dogs' Saliva as sample, Test immediately after collecting sample.
2) If the sample can not be tested immediately, should be cold stored, for more than 24 hours, should be frozen stored. The sample need return to room temperature before test.
3.2 Sample preparation
1) Use swab to collect saliva sample from mouth. When taking dog's saliva, to ensure swab been fully absorbed.
2) Put the swab into dilution buffer. Mixing the buffer with the swab thoroughly, put aside for a while, use dropper to absorb the supernatant.
3.3 Operation procedure
1) Take out the card, put flatly on the table, add 3 drops of this mixture into sample-well on the card.
2) To judge the result in 10 min, the result is invalid after 15 min.

5. Performance index
1) Specificity: no cross-reaction with canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus.
2) Precision: for the same batch product at the same sample concentration, to determine, the result is consistent, color uniform.

6. Limitation of the test method
This kit is a qualitative screening reagent, doctors should make diagnosis after considering all the clinical symptoms and other regular test

7. Notice
1) If found expired, damaged, polluted, invalid products when purchasing, can change it at the place of purchasing.
2) The test sample may be infectious, sample and all reagents should be treated as microbiological dangerous goods.
3) The card is disposable, do not use for second time. Do not use dilution buffer not belonging the products.
4) For pet which accept immune antibody treatment, their body may produce second antibody, which may affect the strength of Test line.

8. Storage and Shelf life.
1) Store in cool dry place (2~30ºC), valid for 18 months, the production date is on the out package.
2) Use in 1 hour after open the package.

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