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 50 zu 60Hz Single Phase Frequency Inverter (ADL900)

50 zu 60Hz Single Phase Frequency Inverter (ADL900)

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High Frequency Converter Transducer
Prinzip der Arbeit
Schlupffrequenzregelung Transducer
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Hohe Taktfrequenz PWM-Steuerung

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ISO9000; CE; CB; CCC
500 Pieces/Day


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1. 20 Jahre - Andeli Group Co.,Ltd wird 1993 gegründet.
2. 12 AnteilBeteiligungsgesellschaften - Andeli haben besitzt 12 AnteilBeteiligungsgesellschaften in Shanghai, Hunan, Zhejiang, UAE.
3. 300 zusammenarbeitende Firmen - wir haben über 300 zusammenarbeitenden Firmen.
4. 3000 Arbeitskräfte - wir haben über 3000 Arbeitskräften.
5. USD150.000.000 - The Gesamtanlagegüter ist USD150.000.000.
6. 235.000 Quadratmeter - The Bereich von Andeli ist 235.000 Quadratmeter.
7. Bescheinigung - wir haben ISO9001 geführt: Qualität 2000 Management System und CCC, ROHS, CER, COLUMBIUM, SIMKO, KEMA…


50 to 60Hz Single Phase Frequency Inverter (ADL900)

50 to 60Hz Single Phase Frequency Inverter (ADL900)

50 to 60Hz Single Phase Frequency Inverter (ADL900)

Item   Standard Specification
Input Rated voltage / frequency Allowable Single phase 220V, three-phase 220V; 50Hz/60Hz Variation value voltage: -20% to+20%; Voltage imbalance rate: 3%; frequency: 5
Output Rated voltage 0-220V
Frequency range 0Hz-400Hz
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz
Overload capacity Type G: 150% rated current for1 minute; 180% for1second; 200%for instantaneous protection Type P: 120% rated current for1minute; 150% for 1 second; 180% for instantaneous protection
Modulation mode Optimized space voltage vector PWM modulation
Frequency accuracy Digital setting: maximum frequency X ± 0.01%; Analog setting: maximum frequency X ± 0.2%
Frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz; analog setting: maximum frequency x0.1%
Start frequency 0.40Hz-10.00Hz
Torque increase Automatic torque increase Manually operated torque increase by 0.1%-30.0%(V/Fmode valid)
V/F curve Linear V/Fcurve, square V/F curve, user defined V/F curve
Main control function Acceleration and deceleration time Unit of time (min/sec) optional, max. 3600 (0.1-3600)
DC braking The startand shutdown hour and minute are selectable. Action frequency: 0-20.00Hz Action duration: 0-30.0 seconds; braking current: 0-80%
Jog Jog frequency range: 0.1Hz-50.00Hz Jog acceleration and deceleration time: 0.1-3600 seconds
Built-in PID The closed loop control system can be conveniently process
Multi-speed operation Weaving wobble frequency Multi-speed operation is realized through built-in PLC or control terminal Swing amplitude-fixed and variable swing amplitude
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) The output voltage is kept constant in case of grid voltage change
Automatic energy-saving operation The V/F curve is automatically optimized according to load conditions so as to realize energy-saving operation

Item   Standard Specification
Operation function Automatic current limiting Perform automatic current limiting during operation to prevent tripping due to frequent over-current fault
Communication function With RS485 standard communication interface; support MODBUS communication protocols in ASCII and RTU format. Master-slave machines reaction is available
Run command channel Operation panel defined; control terminal de fined; serial port defined; switching among the three modes
Frequency settingchannel Keyboard analog potentiometer defined; keyboard keys ↑ and ↓ defined; function code digit defined; serial port defined; terminal UP/ DOWN defined; analog voltage defined; analog defined; pulse defined; combination defined; switching among several given modes
Switchinput channel Positive reversal command; 5-way programmable on-off input; 35 functions can be set separately.
Analoginput channel 2-way analog signal input; 4-20mA, 0-10 Voptional
Analog output channel Analog signal output, 4-20 mA or 0-10V optional; physical output of set frequency and output frequency is available
Operation panel LED digital display Indicating the parameters like set frequency, output voltage and current output
External instrument Indicating the physical parameters like set frequency, output voltage and current output
Protection function Over-current protection; over-voltage protection; under-voltage protection; over-heating protection; overload protection etc.
Options Brake assemblies; remote operation panel; remote cable; keyboard mounting base etc.
Environment Location Indoor; away from direct sunlight; freeofdust, corrosive gases, oil mist and water vapor etc.
Height above sea level < 1000m( de-rated when used at a height of more than 1000m)
Ambient temperature -10o C~+40o C
Humidity < 90%RH, no condensation
Vibration < 5.9m/s2(0.6G)
Structure Storage temperature -20o C~+60o C
Degree of protection IP20 (when either status display unit or keyboard is used)
Cooling method Air-blast cooling
Installation method Wall mounted

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