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US $ 0,8  / Stück
MOQ: 20000 Stück
Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T
Produktionskapazität: 300000PCS/Month


Basis Info
  • Material : Kunststoff
  • Stil : Multifunktionale
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  • Production Capacity: 300000PCS/Month

Easy stick pothook is very easy to use, and be used repeatedly, No mark left and washable, and it's fit for any smooth surfaces.
1. Water proof.
2. Easy to stick on. Remove and reuse.
3. No mark and no damages to your wall.
4. Vivid shape and colors.
500pieces/carton, the carton size is 48cm*38cm*26.20cm.
1. Clean the adhesive surface with a clean soft cloth, keep it dry.
2. Tear the protective film.
3. Cling the hook on the wall; Extrude the film outward along the hook with thumb. Drain the air out of the film to ensure the film and the wall pasted closely.
4. Pull down the hook with slightly strength, if it is firm, it can hang articles.
1. To guarantee the weight of the hanging, the film must be applied with firm pressure, which can avoid the tile gap and make the film fully adhere to the wall.
2. When taking down the hook, lift one corner of the film, and tear the film slowly.
3. Please don`t hang the articles which exceed the loading limit listed on the packaging.
4. Please don`t dangle the mirror, wall clock, glasswork and other valuable or breakable goods.
5. Do not dangle items in sitting or in bed. To avoid danger causes by hook falling off.
6. Do not use the hook on uneven, rough or porous material surfaces, such as painting wall, wallpaper, COB wall, sand wall and flowery tile wall.
7. The hook can be used in smooth surfaces of ceramic tile, glass, refrigerators, paint walls, paint woods,
8. The hook can be used repeatedly. No mark left and washable.
Magic green hook Hook Features (selling points):
1. Completely beyond traditional hook's weaknesses, no nail, no drilling, avoid complex setup processes, omnivorously, you can stick on the smooth surface where you want.
2. Water-proof. As the hook is made of brand new elastic soft gum, which can completely adhere to the smooth surface after pressing tightly, no warry about water and air get in, our magical hook is much better than sticker and double faced adhesive tape.
3. Super strong loading capacity (the small hook's normal loading capacity can reach 2kg & 5kg), the hook won't be affect the sticking effect, even if you take down or move the hook randomly.
4. Washable. When the hook gets drity, affect the sticking effect, it can be washed and when the hook gets dry, the hook can easily recover it's paste characteristics.
5. Easy to take down, reusable, no damage to the original adhesive surface, and you don't need to change a new adhesive tape, one adhesive tape is equal to several tradition adhesive tape, the magical hook is environmental-friendly and saving money.
6.100% no mark left, removing easily, no adhesive stain left, you can hang articles after you stick the hook on the wall closely. And the application of gum is firm, not adhere to your hands, the hook won't drop down.
7. Safety, environmental-friendly, non-toxic, no gum, . Please rest assured to use.
8. Vivid pictures and designs, the hook can be used in office, bathroom, living room, bedroom, shop, etc. The hook is practical and makes your house more beautiful, feast for your eyes!
9. We offer OEM service, print specified designs, logo and character for customers to promote their brands, the minimum order quantity is 20000.
10. We can make advertising gift hook according to customer's requirement. Our magical hook will have an excellent propaganda effect in advertising, creating corporate image, sales promotion, etc. The minimum order quantity is 20000.

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