Easy Logging System

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Easy Logging System




Currently, ELS includes ELS100 and ELS200, used for analog and digital logging respectively.
ELS100 has ELS100-4 and ELS100-8 two types. It supports DONJIN voice boards with four channels and eight channels respectively. For the system over 8 channels, ELS100 supports up to 16 boards stacking on a single machine or server.
1: White Label software for OEM, to modify products logo, contact information and so on by themselves
2: Support local language by modifying a configuration file easily.
3: Support popular OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/7
4: More than 200 kΩ Analog trunk interface impedance
5: Live monitoring
6: Support A law, ADPCM, WAV, G. 729 high compression codec
7: Caller ID (FSK/DTMF) auto detection
8: Automatically record caller and callee number.
9: Support three recording modes: Auto Recording (voltage control), Voice Control and Manually Recording (key control).
10: Voltage and Voice Control threshold is adjustable to adapt to different situations.
11: Smartly set starting and finishing time.
12: Support AGC function to guarantee the quality of the recorded voice.
13: Support auto-backup to avoid losing data, and set the auto-backup time and storage medium.
14: Support password protection with different levels.
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