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Einmalige Betriebsmantel-Maschine

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This machine is suitable for clothes, caps, shoes, pillow covers, antisepsis clothes, electrostatic clothes, filter screen, head covers, chair covers, head cushion, suit co vers and shower cap.
This machine is needless for needle and thread which can save cost and convenient. Human-oriented design and easy to operate with beeline and curve melting conjunction. In accordance with demands of water tight, air tight and bacteria-proof. Combined with pattern design, which strengthen intensity and attractive. The special melting arm design can improve the effect of sleeve inside conjunction.

Technical parameters:
Dimension (m): 1.05× 0.65× 1.3(L× W× D)
Power Supply: 220VAC1P
Output power: 1400W
Frequency: 20kHz
Rotation speed (Unloaded): 0-18m/min
Specification of pattern wheel:
Minimal diameter of melting arm: 95mm