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600w LED wachsen hell (FF-PG576RBY-600W-240V)

Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T, Western Union
Produktionskapazität: 2000 per month
Verpackung: Inner box size: 118x43x18cm/1pcs 18ks/pcs
Standard: CE, FCC


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: FF-PG576RBY-600W
  • Leuchtfarbe : Full Range
  • Diffuser : Polycarbonat
  • Grundmaterial : Aluminium
  • Verwendung : Garten
  • Leben : 50000h
  • IP-Schutzklassen : IP44
  • Bescheinigung : CE
  • Energiequelle : DC
  • Elektrischer Strom Type : AC
  • Eingangsspannung : 110V
Zusätzliche Informationen..
  • Trademark: Foundfar
  • Packing: Inner box size: 118x43x18cm/1pcs 18ks/pcs
  • Standard: CE, FCC
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 85389000
  • Production Capacity: 2000 per month

Product Name: High power LED grow light
Product Part #: FF-PG576RBY-600W-110V

Brief Introduction:
LED grow lights are the most powerful growth light today. Rivaling the output of 1000 Watt Metal Halide & HPS grow lights, they consume 80% less power and provides plants with the perfect blend of light for all stages of plant growth. Plants grown under LED grow lights produce large, lush leaves and bountiful fruits and flowers.
All out LED grow lights emits high brightness and does not require additional ballasts, reflectors or cooling equipment. It is a plug and play grow light - it works right out of the box.

1. The LED Lamp makes use of the pure LED light and suitable for the plant growing, which will make flowers blooms longer and the vegetables grow quicker.
2.80% more energy efficient than Metal Halide or HPS lamps - Drastically reduce your electric bill sharply.
3. No expensive bulbs to replace - Zero maintenance costs -
4. Large 50 square foot coverage area
5. Can be used with any indoor growing method- hydroponics.
6. No need for additional cooling equipment, ballasts or reflectors
7. Safe to operate - no risk of fire, burns or exploding bulbs
8. Environmentally friendly
9. Two year warranty

Lighting Source: 1W high power
Wave length: Blue lamp: 453-460nm
Red lamp: 645-655nm
Color: R+B=Purple
LED QTY: B: 32PCS Yellow: 32PCS
R: 512PCS Total: 32++32+512=576 PCS
Working Voltage: 110Vor 240V
Output Power: 600W Lumen: Around 23000-23600lm
Working frequency: 50 Hz
Life span: 50000-60000 hours
Viewing Angle: 120 degrees /90 degrees
Lighting area: 200-400ssquare meters
Distance to Plant: 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m (can adjust)
Recommended lighting time (adjust as needed)
Vegetative Stage: 14-16 hours
Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours
Inner box size: 118x43x18cm/1PCS
N. W.: 14.6kg G. W.: 19 KG/1PCS

Suitable place: Indoor Lighting places such as warehouse, factory, hobby etc which need large size of the lighting, suitable for indoors use, very nice replacement for the traditional HPS or MH. Indoor lighting such as warehouse, quay hall, indoor garden, and greenhouse.

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