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Shoe Heel Vacuum Coating Machine

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Fu Sen Titannium Equipment Company
shoe heel vacuum coating machine is specialized in plastic, metal, etc for vacuum coating the surface of the special equipment, it fast film forming rate, membrane layer is firm, bright color, not easily contaminated membrane layer, can obtain good compactness, high purity, uniform film thickness of coating, does not produce waste, waste water, can avoid pollution to the environment, is the ideal equipment for mass production. Apply to plastic, acrylic, glass and so on material surface plating system all kinds of hard metal film, compound film and decorative film. Has the pumping speed is fast, vacuum stability, large loading capacity, good coating uniform characteristics

Product features

1. The film 0.1 50 um/min speed, high efficiency, with a mask can obtain clear graphics;

2. The product time intensive use for a long time still can be controlled within 10 minutes;

3. The equipment is simple, easy to operate, intelligent automatic control;

4. The device does not produce environmental pollution, no waste water, waste gas;

5. Thin film made of high purity, thickness can be controlled accurately

6. Manufactured innovation process, through comprehensive ISO90012008 international quality management

system certification

7. Thin film growth mechanism is relatively simple

8. The main structure: the vacuum chamber; Evaporation source; Substrate; The substrate heater and thermometer


Vacuum evaporation coating equipment is mainly used for in the steaming in the processing of products such as plastic, ceramic surface metallized film (aluminum, chromium plating, stainless steel and other metal), 7 colour film copy gold film, etc., can achieve the bright, beautiful, and cheap plastic, ceramic surface metallization products. Widely used in the arts and crafts, decoration decoration, lamps and lanterns, furniture, toys, JiuPingGai, women's heels, car reflective bowl, handicrafts, jewelry, shoes and hats, watches and clocks, mobile phones, DVD, MP3, PDA shell, button; Cosmetics shell; Christmas gifts and other industries. Machinable materials include: ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, nylon, metal, glass, pottery and porcelain, TPU, etc. Can be plating effect: ordinary plating bright surface, dumb face (half dumb, dumb), electroplating technology wrinkles, wire drawing, raindrops, 7 colour, etc

Tangshan Zunhua Fu Sen Titanium Equipment Limited Company
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