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Selbst-Kontrollierte Aufnahmevorrichtung für Baby (2002)

Modell Nr.: 2002


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: 2002

Fine-looking appearance, superior properties, patent acquired
1) The cradle start rocking automatically as the baby begins crying. The length of rocking can be adjusted from 1 to 60 seconds. When the baby stop crying(maybe he falls asleep) the cradle will cease automatically after a few minutes of rocking.
These movements can be also operated manually by means of a remote controller.
2) The sensitivity of the auto-controlling system which responds to the cry can be adjusted, as well as the width of rocking and the frequency of rocking.
3) During the cradle rocking, music will be given. 12 different melodies are provided. The volume of music, the duration of broadcast both can be adjusted. Of course, one can choose to cancel the music.
4) The system has the function of sound-distinguishing. It does not accept other sound signals except baby cry.
5) Using DC motor with low-voltage, the safety is reliable.
6) As the seal of the control system is dependable, it protect the system from the dangers caused by baby urine and other water.
7) A trellis is provided as the necessary accessory for mosquito net.
8) Taking out the inner basket, the cradle can be used as a common bed. Removing the motor rack, the baby can stands inside the cradle and tries to walk with his hands on the banisters.

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