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CNC System for Machine Center (Great-350IM)

MOQ: 1 Stück
Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T, PayPal
Hafen: Chengdu, China
Produktionskapazität: 45000 PCS/Year


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: GREAT-350IM
  • Aufgabe : Programm
  • Mathematisches Modell : Linear
  • Signal : Kontinuierlich
  • Funktion : Automatische Steuerung , Überwachung
  • Bescheinigung : ISO: 9001 , CE
  • Zustand : Neu
  • Kundenspezifische : Nicht Customized
  • Material : Edelstahl
Zusätzliche Informationen..
  • Trademark: SOTENG CNC
  • Packing: Standard Carton
  • Standard: CE, ISO9001/2000
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 8537
  • Production Capacity: 45000 PCS/Year

CNC System for Machine Center ----GREAT-350iM Specification:
>Controllable axes: 3-5 axes
>Linkage axes: 3-5 axes linear, 2 axis arc linkage
>100MB user storage
>8 inch TFT Colorful display with D-type subpanel
>Real-time and all-round self diagnosis
>Feed per minute and feed per revolution
>Linear, arc, spiral interpolation; Drilling, boring, tapping, etc. Fixed cycle macro commands
>Various interpolation commands and M, S, T function
>Max 99 tools management
>Chinese/English language
>Parameter package and software backup/upgrade

Absolute Superiority:
>Max rapid traverse: 60m/min
>Max cutting speed: 20m/min
>Program preview: 1000 blocks

>Screw pitch compensation, improving machining precision to the most
>Pulse equivalent: Max precision can set as 0.0001mm

>Embeded PLC with I/O number 118 x 46, users can free to edit
>USB port supply DNC function
>RS232 port supply DNC function by transmit rate 115200bit
>MPG on board or separate MPG are available
>Dual channel control of spindle speed conversion, can control two spindle units and diverse tool magazine

>Full-screen editing interface and foreground-background processing operation, which can do programming, parameter adjustment etc at same time 2D/3D graphic preview or simulating operation before machining, coordinates display, free shifting between 2D/3D graphic; Graphic can scale up/scale down, translate and rotate freely;
>Multilevel passward protection, such as program, parameter protection to convenient equipment management;
>Start machining at random block or tool number
>Compatible with popular foreign CNC system in instruction code and most program can run directly without amendment.

G0001Rapid positioning
G01Linear interpolation
G02Circular/helical interpolation CW: the helical interpolation instruction of helical motion can assign 2 other arc interpolation axes simultaneous moving, which methods is just to add a moving axis that isn' t arc interpolation.
G03Circular/helical interpolation CCW
G04 00Dwell
G1517cancel polar coordinates instruction
G16Polar coordinates instruction: polar coordinate (radius and angle), the positive direction of angle is the CCW direction of positive direction of the first axis in the selected plane, and the negative direction is CW.
G** G## G16;
G00 IP;
G**: plane selection
G##: G90 (original point of work coordinate system)or G91(Current position) Assigns original point of polar coordinate.
G1702select Xp-Yp planeXp: X axis or its parallel axis
Yp: Yaxis or its parallel axis
Zp: Zaxis or its parallel axis
G18select Zp-Xp plane
G19select Yp-Zp plane
G2006Inch input (English system)
G21Millimeter input (metric system)
00return to the first reference point
return to 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th reference point
G26ZXY axes return to program original point
G261X axis return to program original point
G262Y axis return to program original point
G263Z axis return to program original point
G4007Cancel tool radius compensation
G41tool radius compensation, left
G42tool radius compensation, right
G4308Tool length positive compensation
G44Tool length negative compensation
G4500tool offset value increase
G46tool offset value decrease
G47Increase by twice of the tool offset value
G48decrease by twice of the tool offset value
G4908Cancel tool length compensation
G3711Cancel scaling
G36Enable scaling: format: G36 X_Y_Z_R_
G1222Cancel programmable mirror
G11Enable programmable mirror: realize symmetric machining.
G5200Local coordinate system
G5314Machine coordinate system
G54work coordinate system 1Note: These six work coordinates are saved in the CNC, user can select any one of them.
G55work coordinate system 2
G56work coordinate system 3
G57work coordinate system 4
G58work coordinate system 5
G59work coordinate system 6
G6015accurate positioning
G64Continual path working
G6816Coordinate rotation valid. format:
G18 G68 a-b- R-; R: Angle displacement
G69Cancel coordinate rotation
G7309Deep hole drilling cycle: intermittent feed, rapid retract.
G73 X-Y-Z-R-Q-F- L -
Z: distance from R to hole bottom
R: distance from original plane to R
Q: cutting depth at one time
F: feed speed
L: repeated times
G74CCW pecking deep hole tapping cycle: cutting feed, stop tool at the bottom of hole, CW. format: G74X-Y-Z-R-P-F- L
P: pause time
G76Finished boring cycle: cutting feed, spindle oriented stops at the bottom of the hole, rapid retraction. format: G76 X-Y-Z-R-Q-P-F- L -
Q: offset value at the bottom of hole, mode value saved in canned cycle.
G80Canned cycle cancel/external operated function canceling.
G81Drilling cycle: cutting feed, boring cycle or external operation function, rapid retraction
Format: G81 X-Y-Z-R-F- L -
G82Chip removal drilling cycle or counter boring cycle: cutting feed, stop tool at the bottom of hole, rapid retraction.
Format: G82 X-Y-Z-R-P-F- L -
G83Chip removal drilling cycle: intermittent feed, rapid retraction.
Format: G83 X-Y-Z-R-Q-F- L -P-
G84CW peck deep hole tapping cycle: cutting feed, stop tool at the bottom of hole--reverse, retraction.
Format: G84 X-Y-Z-R-P-F- L -
Note: select standard or rigid tapping through parameter setting
G85Boring cycle: cutting feed, retraction.
Format: G85 X-Y-Z-R-F- L -
G86Boring cycle: cutting feed, spindle stops at the bottom of hole, rapid retraction
Format: G86 X-Y-Z-R-F- L -
G87boring cycle, counter boring cycle: cutting feed, spindle CW at the bottom of hole, rapid retraction:
Format: G87 X-Y-Z-R-Q-P-F- L -
G89boring cycle:
stop tool at the bottom of hole, retraction:
Format: G89 X-Y-Z-R-P-F-L-
G9003Absolute program
G91Increment program
G9200Set work coordinates or suppress the max speed of spindle
G9405Feed per minute
G95Feed per revolution
G9810Canned cycle return to original point: apply to final drilling
G99Canned cycle return to R point: apply to hole drilling at the first time
G2219Program cycle command
G800Cancel Program cycle command
G6512Non-mode calling for macro program
G66Mode calling for macro program
G67Cancel Mode calling for macro program
G180_ G189User self defined macro program

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