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Durch Karte des Yunnan-Spielraums

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US $ 90,00  / Stück
Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T, Western Union, PayPal



Through ticket of YUNNAN travel
Unit sale price: USD90/PC (NOT INCLUDING freight)
This set of ticket including similar 300PCS scenic spots, value RMB9980(=USD1650)
1. Take verification code to call us for registration to be a VIP, then fill in VIP information (name, ID number) to complete register process.
2. Only member-use can not be transferred or borrowed
3. Showing ID card (or other valid ID document) when you use through ticket, information of ID card should be same as ID information when you register for member and member sign, otherwise invalidity for use.
4. Requirements: If you use this trough ticket member must bring AT LEAST ONE tourist together with you, member himself will take ticket by free charge, tourist mate should buy ticket by full price, and otherwise member has to buy full price ticket.
5. Only use for self-funded travel or self-driving travel, not allowed group tour
6. Ticket validity date before 2020-12-31, repeated use is allowed.
7. If joined parks do not pay VIP free-charge right, please call us immediately for complaint, overdue complaint is invalid
8. No affect to use if joined park raise the ticket price, no need to charge member fee if other new Scenic Spots joined.
9. Please use trough ticket according to manual, otherwise scenic spots have right to reject. If you have any other questions please call service line with any hesitation.
10. For the parks we have not get corporation" two tourists with one people free", we already made agreement with them for ticket price discount, you just show this member manual to get discount.

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