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Batteriebetriebener Co-Detektor (EN50291, LCD) (COA999D)

Standard: CE, EN50291
Modell Nr.: COA999D
Warenzeichen: KINGS, CLASSONE


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: COA999D
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  • Trademark: KINGS, CLASSONE
  • Standard: CE, EN50291

Battery Operated CO detector COA999D
Protect you from the silent killer.
Most Accurate CO Sensor Technology available.
Reliable Micro-Controller monitoring:
Precise data processing of deteced CO level and provide intellectual controlling.
Advanced and new invented electrochemical CO Sensor:
Most Accurate CO Sensor Technology with Outstanding environmental stability.
No Costly Sensor Replacement.
Main Features:
1. Test/Reset Feature: Test the unit electronics and reset the unit during CO alarm;
2. Advanced and new invented electrochemical CO sensor used, more accurate, more stable and long life;
3. Flashing green LED every 30s indicates proper operation, pulsing red LED with alarm chirp indicates presence of CO;
4. Sensitivity/time: 50ppm within 60~90minutes
100ppm within 10~40minutes
300ppm within 3minutes
5. Alarm Memory Feature and peak level display;
6. Loud 85dB alarm sound;
7. Very low power consumption, 3 * 1.5V AA size batteries;
8. Low battery warning feature;
9. Low profile housing design-dia1oomm * h38mm;
10. Operation ambient--5~400C, 25~85%R. H.
11. Standard: CE, EN50291
12. With 3 digits LCD

Kings Technology Co., Limited
Guangdong , China
Konto Registrierte im Jahr : 2004
Geschäftsart : Hersteller/Fabrik