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Qualität mit niedriger Preis-Ziehharmonika-Rasiermesser-Stacheldraht

Referenz FOB Preis: US $ 480 / Ton Holen Lates Preis
Zahlungsbedingungen:LC, T / T
Hafen:Tianjin, China
Produktionskapazität:200tons/ Day
  • Peaceful Hardware & Mesh Co., Ltd.
  • Audited Supplier
  • Hebei China
  • Geschäftsart: Hersteller
  • Hauptprodukte: Maschendrahtzaun, Gabione, Beton Drahtgeflecht, Streckgitter, Maschendrahtzaun, Siebgewebe, Alugitter, ...
  • OEM/ODM-Service: Nicht


Basis Info

Modell Nr.:HP-W1608
Material: Verzinktem Eisendraht
Anwendung: Schützen Netz
Fertig: Feuerverzinkt
Razor Barbed Type: Einzel Razor
Barbed Entfernung: 4 "
Barb Länge: 15mm
Spulenaußendurchmesser: 600mm

Zusätzliche Informationen.

Verpackung:Pallet or According to Your Request
Standard:ISO9001: 2000
Herkunft:Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China
Produktionskapazität:200tons/ Day


Our security barriers, is in full automatic pull back to the barrier fence. Only three to four razor wire coils will complete the task. Tasks can be completed within five minutes. The maximum length of the fence is 75 meters. No police or military organization to the purpose of security.

Instructions for use:
1, Blade razor wire quickly works vehicles to designated locations; open tailgate and the setting up of barriers - The total length of 60 meters 75 meters. Location in too wide riots should be fully blocked with razor wire, more coils can be used to achieve the best control objectives.

2. Withdraw: Rear of the vehicle in front of the car retrogression, razor wire tape / line to go back to the tail of the car automatically without any human help, has been lagging until the return to the place.
Action is fast and easy. It is a great and so far mobile security protection barrier.

Application: Formation of a security barrier for national defense, control riots and protests, the coastline of the enemy's defense forces, roadblocks accident, and plug the highway construction, or important entry and exits.

Product characteristics and advantages:
1. Quick and easy operation. Only three men are needed to be set up and retrieval of the razor wire obstacles, fences, a saving of human resources.

2. Razor wire barrier fencing does not have any mechanical power, electricity, battery, motor, or engine, to prevent possible mechanical problems caused by mechanical failure, battery shortage, the electrical failure, or engine failure. In addition, it is set up to prevent rioters from the fire damage mechanical parts, batteries, etc., eliminating the security issue.

waterproof paper inside and woven bag outside

Razor blade type and specification
Reference Number

Wire Dia

Barb Length

Barb Width

Barb spacing


Outside Diameter
No.of LoopsStandard Length per CoilTypeNotes
300mm334-5mCBT-60.65Single coil
450mm337-8mCBT-60.65Single coil
500mm5612-13mCBT-60.65Single coil
700mm5613-14mCBT-60.65Single coil
960mm5614-15mCBT-60.65Single coil
450mm568-9m(3 clips)BTO- type
600mm5610-11m(3 clips)BTO- type
900mm5612-14m(5 clips)BTO- type
980mm5614-16m(5 clips)BTO- type

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