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Melaminschaum, Akustikschaum, Schalldämmung Hersteller / Lieferant in China.

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Magischer Radiergummi (GC-1)

MOQ: 5000 Stück
Zahlungsbedingungen: LC, T / T, Western Union, PayPal
Produktionskapazität: 200, 000PCS/Year
Verpackung: in Carton with Plastic Bag or as Your Requirment


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: GC-1
Zusätzliche Informationen..
  • Trademark: Melafoam
  • Packing: in Carton with Plastic Bag or as Your Requirment
  • Standard: GB8624-2006/B s2(equal to DIN4102 B1 and UL 94-96V
  • Origin: China
  • Production Capacity: 200, 000PCS/Year

The Melamine foam Products (Magic eraser)
Cleaning applications
MelaFoam offers a completely new cleaning media for both inside and outside of the home. Attacks heavy dirt on smooth, hard surfaces such as tiles. Cleans Ceran cook tops, ceramics as well as doors, leather seats and hubcaps. Grime can be thoroughly erased with MelaFoam. Depending on the surface texture, one should check whether the surface is scratch-proof prior to the cleaning operation.
Since MelaFoam acts in a manner that differs from that of other cleaning products available on the market, it works without additional cleaner. The abrasive foam works like a very soft sandpaper. Unlike other foams, MelaFoam is as hard as glass despite its fine pore structure and flexibility. When it is moistened, it slides easily and rubs dirt off the surface. And it usually called magic eraser
What are the marked differences between Melafoam and conventional sponge?
MelaFoam is a revolutionary new way to effortlessly remove the toughest streaks and stains in all your cleaning tasks. No more tea stains, ingrained grease, stains on wooden tables. Removes marker and crayon scribbles on the most surfaces.
MelaFoam offers a unique cleaning solution that is both powerful and easy. MelaFoam and a little bit of water makes the traditional sponge, cleaning products and elbow grease totally unnecessary. In the battle against those hard to remove stains MelaFoam wins within seconds. Just wet it and wipe clean. The pads can be re-used until they are worn out.
MelaFoam is different from a conventional sponge. It is a super structure with the newest innovation since micro-fiber. It has the unique characteristic of penetrating the grooves of the surface to loosen and remove lodged dirt.
MelaFoam shines hard and unpolished surfaces. This includes sinks, pans, cooking utensils, plates, burners, stainless steel and plastic, doors, floors, garden furniture, sports shoes, golf equipment, leather upholstery, rims and spokes as well as pencil, crayon and marker scribbles on painted walls. In short, it is an all-round, powerful, easy-to-use and environmentally safe product.

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