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Zahlungsbedingungen: LC, T / T
Verpackung: mesh bag, carton


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  • Packing: mesh bag, carton

Psa making nitrogen gas generator
1. Working principles:
RD series nitrogen generators are based on the PSA principles using high quality carbon sieve as adsorbent to get nitrogen from the air in certain pressure. The compressed air is pressed and Decompressed desorption in the absorber adsorption after purifying and drying. Due to the aerodynamics effect, Oxygen in the carbon molecular sieve pore diffuse more quickly than nitrogen, oxygen is adsorbed by carbon molecular sieve priority, nitrogen enrichment in gas phase to form nitrogen products. And then after decompression to atmospheric pressure, sorbents achieve regeneration by adsorption and desorption of oxygen and other impurities. Usually there are two adsorption Towers in the system, one is used to adsorb and produce nitrogen the other is used to adsorb and regenerate. Through the PLC controller controls the pneumatic valve open and close to keep alternating between the two towers, then we can achieve the purpose of getting continuous production of high-quality nitrogen. The whole system consists of the following parts: Compressed air components, air tanks, oxygen and nitrogen separator, nitrogen buffer tank.
2. Technical index:
Nitrogen capacity: 5-3000N3/h
Purity: 95%-99.9995%
Outlet pressure: 0.3-0.8Mpa (adjustable)
3. Features:
3.1 quick and convenient start and stop
3.2 low investment and energy consumption
3.3 high automation
3.4 simple operation and maintenance
3.5 short installation period and small ground treatment workload

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