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Titandioxid, Titandioxid Anatas, Titandioxid Rutil Hersteller / Lieferant in China.

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Titandioxid Anatase für Papierherstellung

Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T
Produktionskapazität: 2500mt/Month
HS-Code: 3206211100


Basis Info
  • Zusammensetzung : Oxid
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  • HS Code: 3206211100
  • Production Capacity: 2500mt/Month

Titanium dioxide anatase for paper making HTD-A100
CAS No: 13463-67-7
MF: TiO2
EINECS No: 236-675-5
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material: Titanium concentrates and sulfuric acid
Appearance: Super White Powder
Brand Name: HOTEN
Model Number: HTD-A100
Application: Papermaking industry
Physical Properties
1. Titanium dioxide content (base on dry basis): 98.8%min
2. Color(Compared with standard sample): Approximately
3. Tinter reducing power (compared with standard sample): 110%min
4. 105° C volatile: 0.5%max
5. Soluble substance in water: 0.5%max
6. pH-value of aqueous suspension: 6.5-8.0
7. Oil absorption: 22g/100g max
8. Fineness (aperture 45um residue on sieve): 0.05%max
9. Resistivity of water extract: 30Ω . M min
10. Acid Solubles: 0.5%max
Titanium dioxide for paper making is made of advanced sulfuric acid process, As paper pigment, basically use in senior paper and thin paper. It can make the paper have a good whiteness, gloss, high intensity, thin, smooth, no penetration when printing and light quality. Titanium dioxide for make paper industry usually use anatase without surface treatment. It can increase the whiteness as fluorescent whitening agent.

Guangzhou Hoten Chemical Company Limited
Guangdong , China
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Geschäftsart : Hersteller/Fabrik