Danfoss Compressor Sc12D Sc10cl Sc12g Sc15cm Sc18cm Sc21cl 21b

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Working principle of compressor
Compressor, the driven fluid machine that elevates low pressure gas into high pressure gas, is the heart of the refrigeration system. It inhales low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, drives the piston to compress it through the motor operation, and discharges high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to achieve the refrigeration cycle of compression → condensation (heat release) → expansion → evaporation (heat absorption).
Linear compressor, is the use of magnetic levitation principle and spiral circulation physical structure, compression of gas, to provide power for refrigeration.
Compressors are piston compressor, screw compressor, centrifugal compressor, linear compressor and so on. The piston compressor is generally composed of a housing, an electric motor, a cylinder block, a piston, control equipment (starter and thermal protector) and a cooling system. Cooling methods include oil cooling, air cooling and natural cooling. Linear compressors have no shaft, cylinder block, seal and heat dissipation structure. The compressor of general household refrigerator and air conditioner takes single-phase alternating current as the power source, their structure principle is basically the same, but the refrigerant that both use is different.
Danfoss compressor application range
1. The small
It is widely used in mobile applications.
Fully enclosed compressor with DC power supply.

2. The Large
Commercial air conditioning
Industry applications scroll compressors used in industrial applications

3. The other
Special types of compressors, such as high-efficiency compressors variable frequency compressors
compressors powered by solar energy.

Danfoss currently offers compressors for air conditioning and heat pump applications from 2.5-200 cold tons and compressors from 20W-20kW for refrigeration and refrigeration applications in the Chinese market.
The refrigerants used in compressors include all conventional HFC, HCFC and CFC refrigerants, as well as smaller compressors with temperature adjustment ranges from 5 degrees to 20 degrees (the difference between open and open temperatures) of 5 degrees to 20-27 degrees.
Heating: temperature controller fixed setting, 4 degrees heating. Additional functions and accessories for other temperature Settings and capillary length of 6.3mm or 4.8mm spacing can be provided upon request for a wider range of applications.
Danfoss compressor classification
Danfoss compressor variety is complete, can be roughly classified according to two cases.
1. Applicable to various refrigerants
Such as R22, R134a, R404A, R600a and R290.
2. Classify by application field
High evaporation temperature (5 degrees ±10 degrees) Medium evaporation temperature (-10 degrees ±10 degrees) low evaporation temperature (-25 degrees ±10 degrees)
Example: At present, the refrigerants used in cake display cabinets in China are mainly traditional R22 refrigerants and environmental protection R134a refrigerants. The evaporation temperature of refrigeration system is usually around -5 degrees to -10 degrees. This is a typical medium-temperature application.
Danfoss 'SC10D, SC12D and SC15D compressors using R22 refrigerant and the FR11G, SC10G, SC12G, SC15G, SC18G, SC21G and NL10MF compressors using R134a refrigerant can meet the requirements of this application.
Pictures of Danfoss compressor products
Danfoss Compressor Sc12D Sc10cl Sc12g Sc15cm Sc18cm Sc21cl 21b

Danfoss compressor SERIES

1.Danfoss SC series compressor
Danfoss SC series R134a refrigerant compressor is high and low evaporation temperature universal compressor, evaporation temperature from +15 degrees to about -30 degrees, a very wide range of applications. And in low evaporation temperature applications, can also operate in 220V, 60Hz power supply.
Danfoss SC series
Many refrigeration equipment manufacturers have noticed this characteristic of Danfoss compressors, and choose these 220V, 50HZ and 60HZ universal compressors when exporting products to Southeast Asia. This not only takes into account the excellent performance of Danfoss compressors, but also saves the equipment manufacturer a lot of work in preparing inventory and servicing. In addition, Danfoss compressors are designed for the ambient temperature of 43 degrees, working at comfortable indoor temperatures, danfoss compressors are more than capable of handling.
Danfoss compressor according to the starting mode is divided into high starting torque and low starting torque two ways. Also known as capacitor start (CSIR, CSR) and no 2.capacitor start (RSIR).
Capacitive start (CSIR, CSR) this way has a large start distance, and the motor efficiency can be improved in the CSR start mode, which will save more power in the operation process, of course, the cost also increases. RSIR is simple in structure and reliable in operation. But the starting current is large, suitable for the place with strong power supply.

3.Dc variable frequency scroll compressor
In December 2012, Danfoss second generation of commercial frequency conversion scroll compressor VZH series came out.
As a technology leader in hVAC solutions to environmental and energy challenges, addressing issues such as reduced energy consumption and precise temperature control, Danfoss has introduced the second generation of commercial variable frequency scroll compressors, the VZH series. With excellent design concept and excellent performance, this series won the American Refrigeration Expo Innovation Award.
The new generation OF VZH DC variable frequency scroll compressor has both inverter and compressor technology, which can be provided to customers as components and shorten the system development time for the whole machine manufacturers. Suitable for roofing machine, precision air conditioning, unit machine, process cooling and other applications, has unparalleled advantage in energy efficiency.
VZH compressor advantages
VZH compressor adopts efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor and stepless speed regulation controlled by frequency converter. The working efficiency of the motor is always higher than 92%, so it is more energy saving. At the same time, VZH gear pump selection, and equipped with a unique oil injection solenoid valve, to meet the low speed scroll seal required lubricating oil supply, control the HIGH speed OCR.
Compared with the constant speed compressor, the VZH compressor effectively reduces the noise during start-stop and partial load, and the night mode can be set to minimize the decibel during night operation.
For different national markets, the power supply frequency of compressors is divided into 50HZ and 60HZ. The voltage range of the compressor G series is 380V-480V, and the voltage range of the compressor J series is 200V-240V, meeting the power grid requirements of each country.
Currently, VZH can be connected in parallel. The oil balance problem in parallel connection is solved by oil level switch, oil balance pipe and current limiter. In addition, THE VZH compressor can greatly save the system cost. Taking the chiller as an example, compared with the constant speed compressor, it reduces the size of the system water tank, reduces the requirements on the system controller, simplifies the connection between the pipes, and reduces the complexity of the pipes.
Danfoss compressors parameters list
RefrigerantModelsCooling capacity (KW)(ASHRAE test condition) Evaporation temperature (ºC)
R12FR68 446696132144174228262354438525564636744
FR7.5B 5378114152168201252330408498594642714834
FR8.5B 5786127175192224288360450552666720792924
FR10B 641021441902102523214085046247447988821032
FR11B 8413218624627032140850462475690998410801260
SC10B 428413220423428837248058874491298410921296
SC12B 601141922763123844928247569241140121213441596
SC15B 9615624033037245658873891210921308141615841908
SC18B 144204300408456540600858104412721536165618482184
SC21B 1862643604805286488041008121214521740188421002496
SC10D       56572592511601435156517552100
SC 12D       720930118514701790194021452540
SC15D       8901160147018102190236026003060
R134aNL6.1MF        303380     
NL7.3MF        375470     
NL8.4MF        415524     
NL10MF      330422640683851104611391264 
SC12FT  126201287320387503639798     
SC15FT  155243345384465604766955     
SC18FTX  1782824014455397008891108     
SC21FTX  23736551256768288111141385     
TL3G   31.250.457.772.999.4131168211262287321388
TL4G   50.371.980.599.2133173222280347380425515
TL5G   68.697.5108132172220277345423461514619
FR6G   58.9103119153211279359452561614687 
FR7.5G   76.1122139176239314402506627687768 
FR8.5G   105152171211282368471592734803888 
FR10G   113167188232308400510639791866966 
FR11G   141209235287378487619777966   
SC10G   74139166225331456600764946103211471367
SC12G   1412152473174445  5967729601188129114261682
SC15G    27531439654271491011321378149416491945
SC18G    348392485649844107413431655180720142423
 SC21G    410456558746977126015681931210623432803
Evaporation temperature (-23.3 ° C) List of Model parameters of the Danfoss compressor        
SeriesProduct codeModelP(s)L/MIINrefrigerating capacityVoltageRefrigerantpressure        
SC104L2516SC10C3/8HP10.29395W220V-240V 50HZR22Low/Medium        
SC104L2674SC12C3/8HP12.87510W220V-240V 50HZR22Low/Medium        
SC104L2848SC15CM3/4HP15.28620W220V-240V 50HZR22Low/Medium        
SC104L2120SC18CM1HP17.69710W220V-240V 50HZR22Low/Medium        
SC104L2529SC10D3/8HP10.28656W220V-240V 50HZR22Medium/High        
SC104L2694SC12D1/2HP12.87720W220V-240V 50HZR22Medium/High        
SC104L28598SC15D3/4HP15.28890W220V-240V 50HZR22Medium/High        
SC104G8000SC10G1/3HP10.28331W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
SC104G8240SC12G3/8HP12.87430W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
SC104G8520SC15G1/2HP15.28523W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
SC104G8820SC18G3/4HP17.69649W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
SC104G8140SC21G1HP21746W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
GS107B0700GS26MFX1-1/4HP26.3979W220V-240V 50HZR134Medium/High        
GS107B0701GS34MFX1-1/2HP33.81246W220V-240V 50HZR134Medium/High        
SC104G7250SC12G3/8HP12.87430W115V 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
SC104G7550SC15G1/2HP15.28523W115V 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
SC104G7800SC18G3/4HP17.69649W115V 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
FR103G6680FR7.5G1/4HP6.93239W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
FR103G6780FR8.5G1/3HP7.95282W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Low/Medium/High        
NL105G6772NL7.3MF1/4HP7.23260W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Medium/High        
NL105G6879NL8.4MF1/3HP8.35280W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Medium/High        
NL105G6885NL10MF3/8HP10.1304W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR134Medium/High        
FR1.3U2670FR6CL1/3HP6.23263W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2523SC10CL1/2HP10.29470W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2623SC12CL5/8HP12.87629W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2853SC15CL3/4HP15.28782W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2123SC18CL7/8HP17.69907W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2322SC21CL1HP211033W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
GS107B0500GS26CLX1-1/2HP26.31348W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
GS107B0501GS34CLX2HP33.81650W220V-240V 50HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2533SC10CLX1/2HP10.29470W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2697SC12CLX.25/8HP12.87650W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR404Low/Medium        
SC104L2506SC10MLX1/2HP10.29572W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR404Medium/High        
SC104L2606SC12MLX5/8HP12.87754W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR404Medium/High        
SC104L2869SC15MLX3/4HP15.28951W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR404Medium/High        
SC104L2139SC18MLX1HP17.691110W220V-240V 50HZ 60HZR404Medium/High        
GS107B0502GS21MLX1-1/2HP211425W220V-240V 50HZR404Medium/High        
GS107B0503GS26MLX1-3/4HP26.31170W220V-240V 50HZR404Medium/High        
GS107B0504GS34MLX2HP33.82275W220V-240V 50HZR404Medium/High        
SeriesCodeModelCapacity cm3Pressure           
NL105G6660NL6.1MF 6.13NBP           
PL101G0251PL35G  H/LBP           
SC104G8124SC21G550W H/LBP           
TL102U2071TL4CL  LBP           
SC104L2606SC12MLX 12.87MBP           
SC104L2869SC15MLX 15.28MBP           
SC104L2139SC18MLX 17.68MBP           


Danfoss Compressor Sc12D Sc10cl Sc12g Sc15cm Sc18cm Sc21cl 21b

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