Rongtuo Electronics Co., Ltd.

pcb, Leiterplatte, PCBA Hersteller / Lieferant in China.

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Doppelte Schicht. JPG SMD (RT0001)

MOQ: 1.000.000 Stück
Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T
Modell Nr.: RT0001


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: RT0001
  • Metallbeschichtung : Gold
  • Produktionsweise : DIP
  • Grundmaterial : FR-4

Double layer PCB
Founded in October 2003, Dongguan Rongtuo Electronic Co., Ltd. is dedicated to supply high quality PCB(Printed Circuit Board) products and service to customers in electronic field. Rongtuo has a modern plant with 8, 000 square meters floor area, brand-new equipments, and an experienced team involving marketing, engineering, quality etc. With over 10 years experience in PCB industry.

Rongtuo Electronics Co., Ltd.
Guangdong , China
Konto Registrierte im Jahr : 2012
Geschäftsart : Hersteller/Fabrik