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Ftdi Cable Ttl-232r-3V3-We with LED

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Modell Nr.: LC-FTDI-FT232-001


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: LC-FTDI-FT232-001
  • Anwendung : Computer
  • Schnittstellen Typ : USB
  • Material : Kupfer
  • Stift : 4Pin
  • Stromkabel Typ : Zwei-Pin-
  • Form : Runde
  • Computer Kabeltyp : Datenleitung
  • Druckerkabeltyp : USB
  • Farbe : Schwarz


. ttl-232r converter cable provides a usb to ttl serial interface with various end connectors...

+5v or +3.3v output allows external logic to be powered from the usb port...

4 way outputs provide tx, rx, vcc and gnd

. support windows 98, 98se, me, 2000, server 2003, xp, win7, win8, win8.1

. on board ft232rq provides single chip usb to asynchronous serial data transfer interface...

5v cmos drive outputs and 5v safe ttl inputs makes the ttl-232r easy to interface to 5v mcu.

How to make a standard TTL-232R-5V cable FTDI

We find that a good cable IC FTDI must use the genuine FT232RL IC FTDI, and other production processes and testing are also important

1.cable must choose the 28AWG standard tin copper conductor to transmit data, so that the packet will not be lost. And we use

28AWG (7/0.12TC) PVC tinned copper, aluminum foil insulation, shielding, PVC coating.

2.IC select FT232RL genuine IC, strong stability, send and receive data fast.PCB design plus 2 LED lights, green representatives send data, red on behalf of the receiving data, but also directly see the stability of IC.

The 3.USB connector uses a gilt PIN 30U pin for better exposure to the USB connector.

4 the other end uses 6PIN HOUSING PITCH2.54MM to connect the terminal equipment.

5.cable consists of 6 core lines, BLACK, BORWN, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, is VCC RED (+5V), is TXD YELLOW, is RXD BLACK, is GND GREEN, is RTS BROWN, is CTS. ORANGE

6 we propose to use the assembly shell, not using MOLDING, IC in the use of a large number of heat, while the assembly shell better solve the heat problem.

7 the transparent assembled shell can better see the RED and GREEN produced when TXD and RXD are used.

8 the signal must not be delayed after the computer test.

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