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Maske Der Sehnsucht Nach Menschen (Shuang007)

Modell Nr.: Shuang007


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: Shuang007

"The local opera" is a special folk in southwest China area, whose history can dated to Min dynasty and lasts for several hundred years, now, the opera form is also popular in local national rural district and ever played in overseas area, such as France, Spain, American, has good reputation there for its solar and characteristic. "The local opera mask"is a mask worn on the head while playing the opera, the mask is craved beautifuly, luxuriant in the design of color, various in the modeling, its image that acts is called Nuo god, represent to expel disease and monsters, and then introduce all kinds of historical personages modeling on later stage. The local opera mask is worn to according to the start procedure of the play, each performer has its own fuction, they need to"see off the god"to wait for the coming year to invite after the play.
We have been devoted to carrying forward Chinese old folk wood carving art all the time. Through more than ten years, we inherited and innovated serise of products, such as the old folk wood carving art of southwest of China, mask art, minority art, etc, and concented our attention on excavating and putting them in order. The up-market series of wood carving art that we put out have already been collected far and wide by numerous wood carving fans, and become the premium gifts, which present relatives and friends and important customers. They have already found a good sale in America and Europe and Southeast Asia etc.
With people advocating and courting to freedom, individual character and beauty, the wood carving competitive products that we introduced are prongressively used in the decorations of the house for the successful personage and "white collar", and also used for decorating for some characteristic bars and clubhouses to promote the artistic grade.

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