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Weiß werden, TPE-Ansatz-Membrane glatt machend

Produktionskapazität: 500000 PCS/Year
Verpackung: Box
Standard: SGS
Herkunft: Hong Kong


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  • Trademark: GELATIN
  • Packing: Box
  • Standard: SGS
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Production Capacity: 500000 PCS/Year

GELATIN skin care products are focusing on improving skin quantity and complexion as the world's first top TPE skin care products. It can be called a revolution in cosmetic and skin care history.
They can be reused 30-50 times with unique and novel styles. Please know our products and you will love them.
GELATIN Home SPA Skin Care Series
1. Accelerate the growth of cells.
The baby cells are moist. Thus, skin is whitening and elastic.
2. Good whitening, moisturizing and anti-oxidation effects
'Closed-care' type helps skin reserve moisture effectively. It nourishes and whitens the skin, making skin fresh, fine and glossy greatly.
3. Increase the absorption of skincare
Common skin care products can be absorbed only 15%-20% such as eye cream, facial cream. All the other Ingredients dissipate into the air.
GELATIN Home SPA Skin Care Series helps you make the efficacy of cosmetics maximized. The absorptivity can reach 95%. Let you enjoy home SPA everyday.
4. TPE materials
TPE is a kind of high molecular synthetic material without toxicity and taste. TPE is popular in Europe, North America and Australia. Product ingredients: TPE. It is a kind of jarless, safe, osmotic product that beyond all general cosmetics.
1. Moisturizing, whitening, remove wrinkle, improve flexibility.
2. Fade melanin and scar, prevent cracked.
3. Exfoliate cutin and callosity, make skin watery and shinning.
4. Deep moisturizing, whitening and anti-oxidation, balance moisture and oil.
5. Strong joint degree and tightness, reserve moisture effectively, effects need about 20 minutes
6. Be washable and reused.
7. Natural materials without additive, healthy environmental protection, restrain the growth of bacteria, suit any skin type.
8. Have constant temperature, excellent biological compatibility, can be called 'human's second skin'.
9. Can be used with collocation of other skin care products, helps fully absorb nutrition.
10. Convenient to use, relaxed SPA, save time and money.

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