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Sprue-Picker TYA-550 ID/IS

MOQ: 1
Produktionskapazität: 1000 PCS/Year
Verpackung: Shrinkage Film, Blister Film and Wooden Crate
HS-Code: 8479509090


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: TYA-550 ID/IS
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  • Trademark: TONGYI
  • Packing: Shrinkage Film, Blister Film and Wooden Crate
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 8479509090
  • Production Capacity: 1000 PCS/Year

Configuration and Usage of sprue picker TYA-550 ID/IS:
1. Sprue picker TYA-550 ID/IS applicable for horizontal injection machine of 50T to 100T to take out the final and subordinate products from two-plate mold
2. Sprue picker TYA-550 ID/IS of one-stage arm with vertical trip from 550 mm to take out the final product and subordinate products from three plate mold
3. Sidle shaft driven by cylinder and variable frequency motor (AC servo motor upon demand)
4. As injection manipulator, increase production efficiency, accuracy of production control and operation safety, decrease defective ratio and human resource cost
Humanization design of sprue picker TYA-550 ID/IS:
1. The sprue picker with interactive operation of control system, Chinese or English language change, easy operation and learning
2.8 standard programs built-in the the sprue picker, 12 teaching programs to be saved, multiple production requirements and forms to be fully satisfied
3. The sprue picker with memory function for 50 types of molds, mold changing reset and adjustment
4. Automatic fault detection and record for easy troubleshooting
5. Display of all input and output contacts on the operation interface of the sprue picker for easy and quick maintenance
6. Signals of safety door, mold opened, mold opening allowed, needle and final product examination displayed on LED of the sprue picker
7. Back-up output contact to be connected with automation equipment, such as conveyor, taken up platform and so on
8. Convenient time-delay and counts revision at automatic running
9. CE model with standard connector on demand to be consistent with standards of EROMAP12or67 and SPI
10. Placement safety on demand for automation in entire factory
Structure and function of the sprue picker TYA-550 ID/IS:
1. The sprue picker with Sidle shaft driven by rodless cylinder (variable frequency motor and AC servo motor upon demand), vertical shaft driven by cylinder
2. The sprue picker with Sidle and vertical arms made of imported linear pulley and aluminum alloy beam, and linear bearing of high-performance steel for fast speed, high efficiency, high precision and lasting usage
3. The sprue picker with 90 degrees Sidle chamfer structure matching either movable mold or fixed mold
4. The sprue picker with Reserved pressure pipe, signal detector and sucking holding circuits in the fixture of the robot for fixture application of sucking, clamping and holding, and taking out of multiple types of final products
5. The sprue picker with Sidle shaft driven by imported rodless cylinder matched with precise sliding rail made of imported high-performance steel for stable and smooth moving, abrasion resistance and lasting usage, pneumatic and hydraulic retarder at both ends for stable stop