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Wintone 5th-Genetration Malaysian Identifikation Card Scanner, Identifikation Card Reader, Malaysia Passport Reader

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Wintone® Passport reader is a multi-functional passport reader with 3.0 Megapixels camera that can read multiple document types: e-passports, passports, visas, ID cards and other travel documents. Until now, there are over 90 countries and areas to issue and use e-passport (namely digital passport) which are complied with the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Doc 9303 specification. Wintone designed and developed Passport Reader with high-precision OCR algorithm, contactless (RFID) integrated circuit reading and barcode technology that can be used in a wide range of area.

Key Specifications:
1) ICAO Doc 9303 specification;
2) OCR processing;
3) RFID reading (ID card and e-Passport);
4) 1D & 2D barcode reading;
5) Illumination: Visible, IR, UV image;
6) Sensor: CMOS 3.0 Megapixels;
7) Resolution: 400DPI;
8) Providing Software development kit;
9) Designed for OEM integration & optimized for self service solutions
10) Larger scanning window improves the images for KIOSKs;
11) Customized development all travel documents recognition from the worldwide; currently, it can recognize e-Passport, passport, Visa, Driving license, ID card and so on;

Border crossings
Public securities
Exit and Entry Management Bureau
Frontier Inspection Station
Local police station
Airports, Train or Bus Terminals
Hotels, Banks, and Travel agencies

The 3 illuminations:
The 3 images captured (that are Visible, IR and UV image) from 3 different illuminations:

Wintone's Passport reader's competitive advantages:
1) The OCR technology is developed and designed from ourselves; we have obtained over 40 patents and copyrights;
2) In the world, we are only one that firstly can self develop and support multi-minority character recognition, such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, also Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, English and so on;
3) Except OCR technology self-developed, including Handwriting recognition as well, the worldwide famous companies used our OCR engine, such as: Microsoft (office), Intel, Motorola, IBM, Siemens, Nokia, Sumsang, Nuance and so on;
4) It can support Auto-trigger and Auto-detected/classified travel document type, at the end of this month; our passport reader can support 180°autorotating;
5) Designed for OEM integration & optimized for self-service solution, namely, we can provide the square module inside without case to help user to integrate;
6) We can provide custom services for customizing OCR engine of different kinds of travel documents from different countries.

Packaging & Shipping
1) Passport reader size (L*W*H):    235*250*148mm
2) Package size (L*W*H):               400*289*258mm

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