Wuxi Dongbao Machineary Co., Ltd.

Färben Maschine, hank Färben Maschine, Düsenfärbemaschine Hersteller / Lieferant in China.

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DB212 Series High Temperature High Pressure Dyeing Machinery
DB212 Series is a new generation highly efficient energy saving package dyeing machined adopts 1800 plate type reversing arrangement, external high efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger and new type centrifugal pump's integral connection method. Low bath ratio up to 1:6.Compared with the regular models at home and abroad, it has advantages of more compact structure, lower bath ratio, less energy consumption and lower production cost.
The elaborately designed air cushion type and fully flooded type package dyeing machinery are the two choices among DB212 series for users for different dyeing technology.DB212 series high temperature high pressures dyeing machine is suitable for the bleaching and dyeing of various kinds of natural and chemical fibre and their blends such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, wool polyester, nylon, acrylic, ramie cotton, wool, etc. With different kinds of creel it can bleach and dye different yarns such as cheese, skein, zipper, beam yarn, loose fibre, etc.

Wuxi Dongbao Machineary Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu , China
Konto Registrierte im Jahr : 2006
Geschäftsart : Hersteller/Fabrik


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