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Feeding Pipe

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US $ 2.600,00  / Ton
MOQ: 1 Ton
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Basis Info
  • Standard : JIS , GB

A rotary kiln system
Shandong Golden Ocean heavy Technology Co. Ltd is a company which Specialized in the production of Production method for making cement industry: Feeding pipe, kiln mouth guard, kiln rear fender, Charging socket, pulverized coal injection pipe, the wind pipe, kiln temperature tube.
Two, series of preheater:
Preheater tube coupon, Hanging seat, Flap valve, The valve plate, The turning plate shaft, expansion joint, pin, Pallet, Spreading plate, The gate, wedge, damper.
Three, Series of grate cooler:
Various types of grate plate, inflated grate plate, double wide grate plate, Drag flow grate plate, control flow grate plate, traditional grate plate, grate plate beam, Beam fixed grate plate, Blind plate, Hammer, Grid, The wheel / rail, the guide frame, wedge, Axle sleeve, bushing.
Four, series of Single tube cooler: Yang hopper, feeding plate, and Spreading plates.
Company has strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, detection means complete, has a complete quality assurance system, has established the long-term cooperation with many domestic design and scientific research units. Heat-resistant and wear-resistance steel parts of Method for making cement production line can meet The daily production capacity that is 5000T/d, 4000T/d, 25000T/d, 1200T/d, 700T/d and so on.
Material of heat-resistant and wear-resistance steel: Cr25Ni20, 1Cr20Ni14Si2, 3Cr26Ni5, 1Cr18Ni9Ti
According to the different requirements, we can produce the products of self testing and deployment that are mixed ten kinds of elements, and special material products.

Shandong Golden Ocean heavy Technology Co. Ltd
Shandong , China
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