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WHA-101 und WHA-102 Aluminiumoxidtrockner



WHA 101, 102 aluminum oxide dryer we manufactured is a kind of X-P activated Aluminum oxide, which is of high intensity and has many capillary holes. It has a strong affinity for water so that it is suitable for microwater deep desiccation. When applied in a medium, it will neither become soft nor swell and never dissolve into powders. As a result, this product is widely used in gaseous and liquidoid desiccation in petrochemical industry. In addition, it is also widely applied as instrument wind in texitile, oxygen-making and automation industry and has been proved to have a strong resistance to abrasion and a high intensity. Its monomolecular absorbing layer has a high net heat ageing and works specially well with heatless regenerating equipment. Due to its proved quality, it has successfully replaced Peching-A products imported from France in domestic market.
This product can be made into highly intense ball-granules(or in other shapes) of various radii as required. It has been authorized by China Petrochemical Head Company as substitute of imported products and won "Steed Prize"in Zhejiang province.
1. Do not unpack before use or the product will absorb moisture and its effection will be impaired.
2. The product is suitable for deep desiccation and functions better if used with the pressure not less than 5kg/cm².
3. The absorptivity of the product will descend after being used for a period of time. It can be regenerated by dewatering. In this case, it should be put in air or inert gas for 3 hours at 120-240ºC.
Package and Storage:
1. This product is packed in a polythene braidedbag with a thin polythene memberance layer inside and a walon paper box outside. Net weight of each box is 25kg. It may also be packed in iron drums with each having a net weight of 40kg.
2. The product is packed airtight, waterproof and moistureproof. It should be stored in a dry place and far away from water and vapour.

Wenzhou Alumina Plant
Zhejiang , China
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