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PE GLOVE /examination glove/PE plastic gloves/disposable gloves/medical glove/surgical glove/hdpe gloves/plastic gloves/
Defense flu plastic gloves/one-off gloves
For food processing, health care, medicines check, kitchen cooking, housework, hair salons, home
Cleaning, beauty salons, camping barbecue, etc.
Odorless and non-toxic polyethylene material refined, with other auxiliaries from refined processing
SIZE: Large/Middle/Small
Color: Transparent or colored
Packing: 100 pcs per poly bag, 100 poly bags per carton
Used in food processing, medical, beauty and aged care industries
Thickness: 0.020mm, 0.022mm, 0.025mm, 0.06mm
Material: Polyethylene

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Dongguan City Chengli Plastic Products Limited
Guangdong, China
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