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Kaltluftvorhänge (BOGEN Reihen)

Modell Nr.: ARC SERIES


Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: ARC SERIES


The air curtain is usually installed above entrance or exit. When it works, there is an even air flow from the outlet. The airflow can prevent the air from convecting effectively to keep the temperature and humidity; It also can prevent the exhaust gas, dust and insects from going in, and people can go in and out freely. Especially in summer, use the air curtain can prevent the hot air from going into, and keep the cool air inside where using air conditioner. So it can save the energy and reduce the wasting of the refrigeration. In the north area, use the heating air curtain in winter, besides the above functions; It also has a function of getting the air warm. The air through the heater will get warm airflow and can prevent the cold air from going in, the air indoor can be heated up at the same time, and keep the temperature indoor even. It is fit to be used in shop, hotel, meeting-room, showplace, safe, operation-room, restaurant and warehouse, and widely used in electron, instrument, weave, pharmacy, vivers and precision machining. It is a perfect "air curtain".

Product Features

(1): Purification

The transparent curtain wall created by Wind-Curtain Machine can prevent dust; Dirt-smoke, rare delicacy and insects from entering indoor, and keep the indoor environment clean especially for the home with an open kitchen, so as to benefit our health.

(2): Circulation

The Wind-Curtain Machine can result in a powerful air circulation within the open space such as gymnasium, theatre, and marketplace. The remarkable air circulation system can keep a stable and even temperature so as to avoid the phenomena of dew, which is a good choice for the places where requiring circulation and open space such as office, shop, gymnasium, bowing field, theatre, marketplace, station, warehouse, lobby, hall, etc.

(3): Compartmentation

The Wind-Curtain Machine can effectively compart smoke and non-smoke area, and enable non-smoking person to enjoy a clean environment without any cigarette smell. And also, even after using this machine, the door of the space still can be kept open, the person and goods can get out and in freely, the space is saved for another purpose.

(4): Harmonized with the Surroundings

The characteristics, such as artistic outer appearance, small volume, light weight, and exquisite modem design, can make the product harmonized with the surroundings when installing it anywhere. For the high strength plastic wind-input frame (Series FM15, Electric Heating Series RM15), and aluminum alloy molding crust (Series FM), the surface of theirs are sprayed with power and have a colorful appearance, no rust forever.

(5): Advanced Technology

Each technological standard of the product has reached up or higher than the same kind of product at home and overseas

(6): Safe and Energy Saving

Low noise, low electricity consuming and over loading protecting electric machine can make the product safer and more electricity-saving. The air curtains will create an air-door of powerful and effective, which can decrease the energy loss of the air conditioner, prevent a convection occurring between the cold and hot air outdoor as well as indoor, and prevent cold air from coming out when opening the gate of freezing warehouse...

(7): Simple Installing

The air curtain can be installed not only on the wall, but also on the ceiling, and can be used not only together with central air conditioner, packaged/split/window air conditioner, but also just alone.

(8): Convenient Operation

The direction of wind-delivering can be adjusted easily by using wind-guiding board

(9): Trustworthy Quality

The manufacturer of the product has been certified by the National Quality System ISO9002.

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