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 (ZCQF) Fluoroplastic Magnetic Self Priming Pump mit ex Motor

(ZCQF) Fluoroplastic Magnetic Self Priming Pump mit ex Motor

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Verpackung: Export Wood Case
Modell Nr.: ZCQF

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Export Wood Case


The Series ZCQ self-priming magnetic pumps are remodeled based on the Series CQ magnetic pumps with the recent advanced technologies of the field. The product combines the advantages of the magnetic pumps such as fully sealing and corrosion resistance, and the features of self-priming pumps such as simple line structure without bottom valve and easy operation without filling liquid for being primed.

The maximum priming height is 4 m. The self-priming magnetic pumps are widely used in the industries of chemical, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, electroplating, foodstuff, film and photograph developing and printing, scientific research and national defense to handle acid, alkali, oil, rare precious, toxic and volatile liquids, as well as for circulating water equipment and filter.

It is especially ideal for delivering leaky, inflammable and explosive liquids.

ZCQ self-priming eddy non-block sewage pump (also names as solid and liquid pump or impurities pump) is of unique hydraulic design, with impeller limited within single impeller chamber which is jointed with pressurized water chamber.

When impeller rotating, intense axial eddy of liquid engenders thereby, which contributes to inlet vacuum, rendering delivery lift. Therefore, impurities can be drained through pressurized water chamber, ascribing to smooth channel, its sewage drainage effect is incomparable to other self-priming sewage pump.

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